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About the Plan

According to the 2016 Georgia Health Ranking Roadmap, Chattooga County has a health ranking of 99 out of 159 counties in Georgia. The Community Health Improvement Plan provides a roadmap for Chattooga County to address and improve the health behavior risk factors, the social and economic barrier to good health, barriers to clinical care services, and the physical environment that contribute to health ranking status. 

Our Six Priorities

Healthy Eating and Nutrition

Making healthy food affordable and accessible to all. 

Active Living

Increasing opportunities for physical activity to improve health.

Tobacco Free Living 

Reducing tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke where community members live, work, and play.

Access to Health Services

Improving access to and quality of health care services. 

Safety and Environment

Improving community safety to support better health for all.

Data Collection and Reporting Systems

Integrating health data collection to improve monitoring, analysis, reporting and evaluation of community health. 

These priority issues encompass the six strategic issues identified in the community assessment process and the four strategic focus areas of the Georgia Healthcare Foundation's Two Georgias Initiative. Each issue has goals, objectives, and key actions that will be implemented to promote optimal health and well-being for all who live, work, and play in Chattooga County. 

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