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Who are we?

In July 2017, with a grant from the Healthcare Georgia Foundation, the Northwest Georgia Regional Cancer Coalition and Chattooga County Chamber of Commerce established the Live Healthy Chattooga County Coalition.

We are comprised of community residents and volunteers, community leaders and decision makers, community organizations, and healthcare partners working together to improve the health for ALL Chattooga County residents. 

"The Live Healthy Chattooga County Coalition believes strongly that we all have an important role to play in identifying and solving the health challenges found in our community."

- Betsy Dellenback

Chair, Live Healthy Chattooga County

What do we do?

Live Healthy Chattooga County promotes improved health and well-being for all who live, work and play in the Chattooga County community.

Making changes in a community to support healthy choices requires collaborative effort and a commitment to health in decision making processes. The core values adopted early on by Live Healthy Chattooga County serve as a measure of success for the work of the coalition and the implementation of the community health improvement plan. 

Improvements in access to healthcare and needed services, more efficient collaboration between health care partners, community organizations and residents, an increased understanding of the underlying social determinants that affect the health of Chattooga County residents, and an emphasis in promotion of healthy lifestyles and prevention efforts across community environments will lead to a healthier community overall. 

To ensure success in addressing the community health needs and priorities identified by this process requires an on-going, community-wide effort. The Live Healthy Chattooga County Coalition will continue to lead diverse partners, organizations, and residents in a learning community to assess and examine emerging challenges and revisit priorities, share best practices and methods in their area of work, and develop new strategies around improving health. 

What are our priorities?

From July 2017 to March 2018, the Live Healthy Chattooga County Coalition engaged in a thorough community needs assessment process to gather information about the health of the community. Several recurring themes were identified across the assessments that were fundamental to the development of the strategies in the plan.


The following issues have been identified as key focal points across all priority areas in the plan:

  • Health Equity

  • Social Determinants that Impact Health

  • Community Engagement

  • Partnership Collaboration

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