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Improving Where We Live, Work, and Play

The Live Healthy Chattooga County Coalition recognizes that health begins where people live, work, and play.

LH3C aims to transform the community through activities that ultimately support access to health services and promote a healthy environment that increases opportunities for individuals to make informed decisions for healthy living.

Live Healthy Chattooga County's approach provides community members the opportunity to make choices that allow them to live a long, healthy life, regardless of their income, education, or ethnic background. 



""The Live Healthy Chattooga County Coalition is an engaged community health partnership working together to achieve optimal health and well-being for all who work, play, and live in Chattooga County."
"The mission of the Live Healthy Chattooga County Coalition is to collaborate across all sectors of the community to identify health priorities and develop solutions for improving health for ALL Chattooga County residents."

Healthcare and community services should be available and affordable to all community members.


Local health systems, community service organizations, industries, governments, law enforcement and schools will coordinate efforts, share resources, and integrate services to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery in the community.


A healthier community can be achieved by all members of Chattooga County by understanding the strengths and needs of diverse populations and addressing the underlying social determinants that contribute to poor health outcomes.


Promote healthy lifestyles and behaviors, provide health education opportunities, and invest in preventative strategies to positively impact health outcomes in Chattooga County.



The Community Health Improvement Plan, developed by the members of the Live Healthy Chattooga County Coalition, is an action-oriented plan to make the Chattooga County community a healthier place to live. 
Consisting of six priority issues and their respective goals, objectives, and key actions, this plan forms the cornerstone of the Live Healthy Chattooga County initiative to improve community health.